Cost of Fuel – Home Heating Oil

Wondering what home heating oil prices have been doing lately? Is the cost of heating fuel on the up again? Or is the trend showing a dip in the market? Is now the right time to buy home heating oil?

Well, help is at hand. You can now get the answers you’re looking for from our new UK Heating Oil Price Trends chart.

Every day we check the lowest 1000 litre price of Kerosene 28 oil from and all of our participating home heating oil suppliers, across all of the UK postcode areas they cover (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). We log their heating oil prices and plot the average of all these oil prices in our graph to help you make better decisions when buying your home heating oil in the UK.

Please note: this oil price check graph isn’t an indication of the home heating oil prices in your area. It just serves to demonstrate whether the overall price of home heating oil / kerosene price per litre is moving up or down in the UK. (Note all prices shown in the graph exclude VAT).