Welcome to Cost of Fuel

Welcome to Cost Of Fuel, the website that keeps you up to date on fuel prices within the UK

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Forecourt Prices

CostOfFuel.co.uk supplies you with different methods of checking your local forecourt prices. For many years motorists have paid significantly different prices for petrol, diesel and LPG depending on where in the UK they are. It is quite common now that motorists can make savings of up to 5 pence per litre just by using a forecourt […]

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Heating Oil

Cost of Fuel – Home Heating Oil Wondering what home heating oil prices have been doing lately? Is the cost of heating fuel on the up again? Or is the trend showing a dip in the market? Is now the right time to buy home heating oil? Well, help is at hand. You can now […]

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Reviews and Articles

News and reviews of the latest cars

We take a look at the next generation of fuel saving cars as the manufacturers battle it out for the top spots. All cars including petrol, diesel, hybrid, PHEV and all electric fuelled vehicles are reviewed against their cost and to see how they measure up with their fuel economy figures and other comparisons.

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Van News & Reviews


We are not just about cars, we take a look at the next generation of fuel saving vans and how their load space measures up against the cost of running. All vans and light commercial vehicles are reviewed to see compare how they perform with their fuel economy figures, usability as well as other comparisons.

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